Body Mechanics Malmesbury spent the weekend assisting with a charity fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK), held at the Gerard Buxton Sports Ground in Royal Wootton Bassett. Body Mechanics Malmesbury was there providing massage treatments to all participants throughout the day taking part in the football marathon.

Body Mechanics Malmesbury supported this event by offering a massage service and taping and strapping of any injuries. Body Mechanics Malmesbury spent most of the day providing massage to participants at the event to enable them to continue playing. Many of the participants were suffering from tight aching muscles or cramp. Having had a massage participants were able to continue with the event with the cramping sensation gone and muscles feeling more relaxed. This occurred because massage helps with the removal of lactic acid build up. Body Mechanics Malmesbury offered Kinesiology Taping for taping joints and muscles to assist participant’s performance and improve their mobility. Massage was available post event to assist the recovery process, to reduce the effects of lactic acid build up and to reduce the risk of aching the next day.

Body Mechanics Malmesbury is available for pre, during and post event massage at all kinds of sporting events. If you have an event coming up please get in touch.

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